Build trust in your data by integrating legacy data into Databricks and leveraging location to organize and enrich your data for analytics and AI initiatives


您的组织需要具有最大准确性的数据, consistency, 以及通过分析来加速创新的环境, AI, 机器学习项目. However, it can be a challenge to get the results you want if you cannot trust the integrity of your data. Together, Databricks and Precisely can help you achieve data integrity and fuel the success of your data-driven initiatives.

精确地连接 quickly breaks down data silos by integrating legacy mainframe and IBM i data into Databricks统一数据分析平台和Delta Lake. 一个数据集成解决方案, you can create seamless workflows that simplify delivery of critical data assets and enable you to easily move data when and where you need it with no business disruption.

Many companies also struggle to unlock the value of the growing volume of data they’re placing in Databricks. Location, 例如地址或移动电话位置, can provide a consistent and common thread that connects disparate data. Precisely’s location intelligence capabilities run natively in Databricks to give you a straightforward approach to organizing, managing, 以及分析数据以增强业务洞察力.

Your organization is using Databricks Unified Analytics Platform and Delta Lake for analytics, AI, 机器学习项目. However, obtaining full visibility into all critical data is one of the most challenging aspects of these initiatives. The risk of missing critical data is especially high for organizations dealing with data silos, 扩展数据量, 以及不兼容的数据格式.

精确连接和数据ricks 共同努力,帮助你们应对这些挑战. Connect收集数据 you need from all your legacy data stores and sends it to the scalable Databricks framework powered by Apache Spark. Connect不仅具有本地Spark集成, 它曾经也有一个设计, deploy anywhere architecture so you never have to worry about rebuilding applications on standalone server environments for use in Databricks. 移动应用程序就像点击下拉菜单一样简单. 连接源/目标包括:

  • Mainframe data: VSAM, COBOL Copybooks, mainframe fixed and sequential files
  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, Db2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL
  • 半结构化数据:JSON、XML
  • Enterprise data warehouses: Teradata, IBM Netezza, Vertica, Greenplum
  • 云:亚马逊AWS、微软Azure、谷歌云平台
  • 大数据:Hadoop、Hive
  • 流媒体平台:Apache Kafka
  • 平面文件:固定长度,可变长度,分隔

Connect还与您的Databricks投资规模 -为您提供端到端的数据卸载管理方法. Use Connect to easily collect, blend, transform and distribute data across the enterprise.

Cloud Migration and Modernization with Databricks, Microsoft, and Precisely


precision和Databricks的结合 消除数据孤岛 across your business to get your high value, high impact, complex data to the cloud.

Download this white paper to learn more about how Connect and Databricks can accelerate innovation.

Bringing varied data together in the Databricks Lakehouse platform enables you to manage and govern your data and drive your business initiatives from a single source of data in the cloud. However, the rate at which new data is being generated from rich media sources, IoT devices, and daily communication channels can cause challenges accessing, leveraging, and trusting critical details for business insight and decision-making.

Precisely can help you build trust that your data has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context by leveraging the address data in your Databricks environment. Attach a 唯一和持久的位置标识符,PreciselyID, or a geohash to an address to connect it to other property or location data for a composite view of the address. Using the PreciselyID or geohash, you can also quickly enrich addresses with 熟练地策划数据集, 如风险, property, consumer, 以及兴趣点数据, 为你的分析添加有意义的背景, AI, 和ML的结果.


利用砖计算, deliver complex spatial processing – such as drivetime or travel distance – without disrupting your mission-critical business processes. 并迅速揭示地址之间的关系, 地理特征, 附近的服务, and market variables to quantify inherent risks and market potential. Common examples include financial institutions that pre-score property value based on 附近的服务 and demographics or a telco analyzing current network coverage and customers to target growth opportunities.

使用地理空间数据, 你可以连接, harmonize, 并分析各种各样的数据,以推动业务洞察. 精确的 Geocoding, 位置情报和路由 在Databricks Data和AI平台上运行的Spatial sdk, give your business data the location advantage with the most complete set of proven address management, geocoding, and location analytic capabilities while leveraging the performance outcomes realized in Databricks. 通过连接不同的数据集来揭示洞察力 PreciselyID. Together, 这些功能有助于组织, manage, and analyze business data in ways that yield actionable insights, 发展你的生意, 保护它免受风险, 创造竞争优势.


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