Data Integration

Real-time CDC and ETL solutions

Break down data silos, become data-driven, 并通过实时变更数据捕获(CDC)和ETL解决方案获得竞争优势

Value from all data with real-time CDC and ETL

Data runs your organization: predictive analytics, operational improvements, machine learning, artificial intelligence. 利用企业产生的数据来改善结果的机会是无穷无尽的. However, for most organizations, the opportunities stay aspirational, a spoken theory, but never realized in practice. Despite the amount of data available across the enterprise, it’s often inaccessible to those who need it to get these projects done.

您的工作是打破数据竖井,改善对所有企业数据的访问. To do this, 您需要数据集成解决方案,使数据可以跨技术堆栈访问. 精准帮助您将现有投资的数据无缝集成到下一代云和数据平台,以改善数据访问. Using Precisely Connect’s ETL and real-time change data capture (CDC) capabilities, organizations have realized the value of all their enterprise data, from mainframe and IBM i to cloud, enabling them to turn theory into a competitive advantage.

Real-Time and ETL Solutions from Precisely


您的IT环境是长期建立的系统和现代技术的混合物. To maximize all your investments and resources, you need to break down the data silos that exist across systems. However, that’s easier said than done. Legacy systems such as mainframe and IBM i require specialized knowledge. Additionally, 任何新的云数据仓库平台都不能轻易地吸收或理解遗留数据.

通过利用其强大功能的解决方案,精确地帮助您在现有和不断增长的IT投资中分解这些复杂的数据竖井 Connect data integration product. Connect专门集成从大型机和IBM i等平台到下游的最复杂的数据, cloud-based solutions. 通过Connect对各种数据源和目标的支持,确保您的业务需要访问所有企业数据 ETL and real-time CDC.

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There is a cost to using data in your organization. That cost rises as data volumes grow. 高数据量会破坏您当前的数据集成框架——耗费您的时间和金钱. 数据集成解决方案应该帮助您处理不断增长的数据量,同时在不断增长的竖井之间移动数据.

Connect支持不断增长的数据量、用户和不可预测的使用需求. Connect的自调优引擎在运行时根据数据结构和系统属性动态地选择最有效的算法. Consequently, 使用Connect的组织注意到ETL的性能提高了10倍以上,并且在组织内集成数据时节省了数百个开发小时. For change data capture, Connect提供了无与伦比的可伸缩性和效率,帮助了客户 分享数据更改 在不影响网络或业务用户日常工作的情况下,贯穿整个组织.

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Depending on your business, if you aren’t communicating data changes right away, the data used to make decisions becomes old in days, hours, or as little as minutes. 处理旧数据可能会使你的企业失去机会——甚至失去客户. You need a way to capture real-time changes at the source effectively, 帮助业务用户和下游应用程序获得他们需要的最新数据.

将流更改立即连接到数据,以供下游应用程序使用, data lakes and warehouses. Connect supports a wide range of legacy systems, cloud platforms, streaming services, and databases such as Db2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Informix, and Sybase. With support for multiple topologies, including broadcast and active-active, streaming or batch delivery, Connect delivers your data to on-premises or cloud-based targets. Connect的弹性数据交付保证您在数据流中永远不会遇到中断.


Real-time Data Replication Solutions


Your mainframe serves as a reliable platform for transaction data. 因此,您的组织在大型机上进行了相当大的投资. At the same time, your business wants to move data into the cloud for the latest in analytics, data science, and machine learning. These projects are only as good as the data fed into it, and that means including all data sources to ensure success. However, 当试图在云投资和大型机之间集成数据时,可能会出现复杂性.

precise是访问和集成大型机数据的行业专家, making it usable across environments. With over 50 years of mainframe expertise, 精确连接可以将大型机数据转移到平台外的下游应用程序, fueling your all your data projects. Connect提供了直接访问的ETL和数据复制功能, understand, and transform complex VSAM files, COBOL Copybooks, IMS data, Db2 data, and mainframe fixed and sequential files.

Learn more how Connect supports mainframe access and integration.

Symphony Health

Symphony Health, a subsidiary of PRA Health Sciences, is a leading provider of high-value data, analytics, and technology solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, and payers. Constrained by a legacy solution, data silos, and increasing data volumes, Symphony Health发现和分析所需的关键数据出现了延迟.

阅读本案例研究,了解Symphony Health如何使用Connect的ETL功能来加快为员工和客户进行价值分析的时间, all while improving IT processes and lowering costs.



Making the Case for Legacy Data in Modern Data Analytics Platforms

为企业级数据中心提供动力的现代数据分析平台对于决策制定和信息共享至关重要. The problem? 将遗留数据存储集成到这些集线器中是非常困难的,没有什么灵丹妙药. However, the best data hubs include all enterprise data.

观看本次网络研讨会,了解关于集成遗留数据源的最佳实践的更多信息, such as mainframe and IBM i, into modern data analytics platforms such as Cloudera, Databricks, and Snowflake. Additionally, 了解accurate客户如何使用Connect的ETL和实时CDC功能,将遗留数据源合并到战略用例中.

Seamless integration

为战略计划成功地使用数据并获得竞争优势, you must overcome the limitations of data silos on your business. 很少有组织有足够的财力或预算来移除那些阻碍开放数据访问的系统. Instead of building a silo-free IT infrastructure from scratch, 寻找能够处理现有技术堆栈的所有底层复杂性并处理未来投资的数据集成解决方案.

precision的数据集成解决方案与您现有的IT环境无缝集成. Connect 对ETL和数据复制应用单一解决方案的方法,这有助于打破组织中的数据竖井. Connect利用了precision几十年来在大型机分类和IBM i数据可用性和安全性方面的领先技术,在访问和集成来自这些传统环境的复杂数据方面处于行业领先地位.

Learn more about Connect’s ETL and CDC capabilities.

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